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  • 10/2019: Memory (Udale, Slavkova)

    Place and Time: Abingdon, Thursday 17 October 2019 from 19:00 for 19:30

    This event will be in the King Charles Room, King’s Head and Bell, (10 E St Helen St, Abingdon OX14 5EA) again.

    TITLE: Understanding the Components of Memory

    Where did I put my keys? Who hasn’t felt the frustration of losing their keys soon after putting them down?  This is a common experience due to everyday lapses in attention and working memory – our ability to temporarily ‘hold things in mind’.  We rely on working memory every day to hold things in mind, solve problems and to make sense of the continuous stream of perception.  We will talk about what working memory is, and give some examples of the important functions it serves in our everyday lives. As we age, people often experience their memory getting worse.  In clinical settings, we see many people who have no neurological issues, but report having much worse memory problems. We will discuss potential factors that might contribute to these lapses in attention and short-term memory and review some of the available assessments.


    Elitsa Slavkova is a Clinical Research Coordinator and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. She has contributed to the research design and clinical implementation of a stroke-specific cognitive screen in the NHS, as well as conducting research with people with subjective and mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Rob Udale is a Cognitive Psychologist with a PhD in Experimental Psychology.  I use behavioural experiments and computational modelling to understand human attention, memory, and visual cognition.  I am currently working in Professor Masud Husain’s Cognitive Neurology lab at The University of Oxford.


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  • 11/2019: AGM & Talk: Sustainable Farming (N. Rowe)

     Place and Time: Abingdon, Thursday 21 November 2019 from 19:00 for 19:30

    King Charles Room, King’s Head and Bell, (10 E St Helen St, Abingdon OX14 5EA)

    The evening will start with a short AGM followed by a talk.

    AGM Agenda

    1. Apologies for absence
    2. Minutes of last meeting
    3. Matters arising
    4. Chairman’s Report
    5. Treasurer’s Report
    6. Elections
      1.  Officers
        1. Chair
        2. Secretary
        3. Treasurer
      2. Ordinary Members
    7. Atom Festival
    8. Christmas Party
    9. Ideas for 2020
    10. Any Other Business

    Talk TITLE: Sustainable Farming

    Never has the debate surrounding the causes and effects of Climate Change been more intense, with powerful interests and lobby’s controlling the narrative. The world’s Farmers and their Cows are a soft target often blamed for a significant contributions to man-made climate change. The speaker would like to present an alternative model of livestock production: ” Speaking on behalf of the Cow”. Maybe the problem are the choices forced on farmers and cows by external powers? Maybe we as a consumer could be the answer?

    Speaker: Neil Rowe

    Neil has 40 years’ experience managing high performance beef and dairy farms, working with both conventional and organic systems. In 2004 was awarded a Nuffield scholarship to study ‘Voluntary milking systems and automated milk harvesting’. He has a reputation for innovation, sustainable farming and knowledge transfer, being a regular speaker at conferences and farmer meetings. For the last ten years alongside farm management Neil has been providing Agricultural consultancy to farmers and industry. In the last 5 years he has been a finalist or winner in 3 national awards and for 25 years he has been an Ambassador for the charity “Send a Cow”.

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