James White

 JamesJames moved to Abingdon in 2008 and became the first Chairman of the Choose Abingdon Partnership, an economic forum, in October 2009. The ATOM Festival was an initiative of this partnership.

He graduated with an honours degree in mathematics but has spent most of his career in the retail sector where he held a number of directorships including with W.H.Smith, Harrods and Bloor Research where he was Chairman. For the fifteen years before retiring and moving to Abingdon he headed his own company providing leadership development and training services nationally.

His interests include conservation – he is past chairman of Abingdon Green Gym and the Abingdon Natural History Society, and science.

In 2013 He founded the ATOM Festival of Science and Technology in Abingdon and the spin-off – The ATOM Society which he chaired until 2024. He also dabbled, rather unsuccessfully, in local politics. Other interests include electric biking and kayaking.