08/2021: Math (V Neale)

Time and Date:
Abingdon, Thursday 19 August, 2021 from 19:30

Important Change:
Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can hold this even in-person, but will Stream it again on YouTube. Check here for details.

Title: Scarves, Symmetry, and Solving Equations

Through knitting, I’ve been exploring the symmetry patterns in scarves. How many different types of scarf pattern are there? And what does this have to do with (not) finding a formula to solve certain types of polynomial equation?

Speaker: Vicky Neale

Nicky Neale did her PhD in Cambridge about analytic number theory and additive combinatorics. She is now the Whitehead Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute and Balliol College at the University of Oxford. Part of her role is to be enthusiastic about mathematics with undergraduates, school students, and the wider public and she has a page about these activities. She has appeared on several BBC Radio 4 and TV programmes. Vicky enjoys mathematical craft of various types and has written two books, Why Study Mathematics? and Closing the Gap: the quest to understand prime numbers.

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